Have You Ever Asked Yourself,
Why Hire An Advertising Agency?
KC Creative Advertising is the answer you have been searching for.

    KC Creative Advertising can help you increase your company’s bottom line, cut down on frustration and save time and money.

    Properly marketing your business is a full-time job that requires full-time focus.  Creating a marketing budget , designing campaign strategy and delivering your message to the right target audience effectively takes a great deal of time and talent.  Our full service advertising agency can market your company on the internet, place your ad schedules, keep track and monitor when you are running, create effective offers, design ads, double check invoices, and keep everything on a time sensitive schedule so you can get back to focusing full-time on running your business.

    Who do you trust for your marketing investment?  Most business owners are bombarded by sales calls wanting you to sign on the dotted line.  All forms of media can be number one, it depends on what measurements you are using.  So, where is your marketing budget spent most effectively?  KC Creative Advertising will give you an unbiased recommendation of where to distribute your marketing budgets to best reach your target market and we will keep track of your marketing expenditures to help you stay on budget.


    Consistency is key!  All of your marketing, copy and creative is handled by one entity when you use KC Creative Advertising, and distributed to all the mediums you are utilizing with a consistent message, look and feel.  Whether it is internet marketing, newspaper, billboards, direct mail, magazines, radio or television, consistency is key in delivering your message for ultimate results.

    Best Practices

    KC Creative Advertising researches the best practices in advertising and recommends the best approach to spending your hard-earned marketing dollars.  When you partner with us, you will be getting a team of experts in internet marketing, media planning, buying, campaign creation, research, sales promotion, copy writing, layout, graphic design, account management and accounting.  That is a lot of creative talent!


    Wouldn’t it be great to track you advertising more effectively? Call tracking phone numbers are a very useful tool in evaluating the effectiveness of your marketing and advertising efforts.  Unique phone numbers to track specific ads or mediums that route directly to your business phone, all wrapped up with detailed reporting features that assist you in analyzing your cost per lead and monitor customer service. Ask us how you can incorporate call tracking phone numbers in your media plan.


    Did you know…KC Creative Advertising can also handle the production of your stationery package, business cards, brochures, in house materials, forms, etc to make sure your company always looks its best.